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Earth goes round the sun ,
N there are days n night.
I go round the earth
N there is dark n light .
I am an wanderer .

Love n the hatred ,
Likes n the dislikes ,
Good n the bad of all the world,
Is how our minds want to play,
They are just the wanderers & are not here for to stay.

I am just an wanderer here for a very brief stay .
Breath & breathless is birth & death ,
Like no moon n full moon it’s just a play
Life in us is thus gifted ,
Knowing impermanence is there to stay.

If desire for life is true for me ,
So it is , for all like me ..
If I can long for love & care ,
So wrong it is if not “I” .
I am just an wanderer & so you are.

If we are just wanderers & mortal ,
For what you kill , hate n greed ?
Love & peace & compassion ,
Share & see coz it’s free , before you leave .
Oh , wanderer .

Supremacy is just a myth ,High of power is a blatant lie .
If for it is all being done , High time it is to know that’s INSANE .
Earth was whole & was fine, even before you were born .
You made it smaller & called it World & gave some names & drew some lines ;
To start the fight of yours & mine .

Top of the world if you feel ,is just an overrated illusion !
The race of invain of all of us is full on now !
You made world will end with you .
Freedom for Earth is only then .
You are just an wanderer , here for a very brief stay .

If joy is in the now of life ..
Why wait for it somewhere up ?
Heaven or call it by any name ,
Is an party place for after life !
If & only we need that , hurry up ! for that first we have to die !

To Human race we all belong ,
HUMANITY is our only WIN,
Together is the way for it .
If a bit we give of lot we get ,
Is not a sin for any god .
Like you all, ‘Time is NOW ‘ I do feel!

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